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Notes from Kings Cross, Thursday, 1st November, 2018.

How did I come to be, and how did all this happen without my permission? Has anything ever really happened at all, or have I simply been duped by illusion all this so called time? The subject that is being expounded here is non duality, or what we call Advaita in Hinduism; meaning not two, never two, no matter how things might appear in this boundless clarity and emptiness at zero degrees from where the actual seeing is truly taking place. Maya in Advaita means illusion, similar to the horns of a hare, water in a mirage, or the child of a barren woman.

Whereas what we are saying here is that everything that appears in the phenomenal manifestation of the universe from Brahma to a clump of grass is only THAT, non dual Absolute, reflected in the mahavakya or great word of Hinduism: “I am That”, and “Tat tvam asi”, That you are, and “Prajnanam Brahma”, Knowledge itself is called Prajnana, translated as “Consciousness is That.” Showing that there is nothing simpler than One or what we call That, for the want of a better word. PRAJNANA: Variously translated as intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, awareness, consciousness. Jana, or knowledge, is a term that denotes learning, erudition, understanding, information, cognizance, or wisdom. Special categories of knowledge are sometimes meant, for example, scientific knowledge (systematized knowledge of natural and physical world) and intuitive knowledge (instantaneous apprehension without conscious use of reasoning). The term “Absolute Knowledge” or “Highest Knowledge” is used in the translation of the mahavakya “Prajnanam Brahma” to denote knowledge relating to the highest truth of religion and philosophy, which is that of union with the Supreme. The term has been used keeping in view the author’s statement in this Gita, namely The Ribhu Gita, that “Knowledge” (Jnana) itself is called Prajnana. Prajnanam Brahma is also translated as “Consciousness is Brahman.”

Prajnanam Brahman (Absolute Knowledge is Brahman) is a certitude consisting of two words. What arises from this statement “Absolute Knowledge is Brahman” or the statement “This Self is Brahman” is said to be a statement of perception.

49. Likewise the meaning of Brahman is being in the undivided state. The merging together of all three words is the one undivided essence.

50. The Self is, itself, the one undivided Essence, eternal, pure, and liberated. That, itself, becomes all. There is no doubt of this.

It is rare that anyone expounds knowledge clearly, directly and simply as is taking place here from this timeless immediacy. Generally the teachings that are being given are dead, inert, and second hand words that were taken down from some saint or sage from whom certain concepts have sprouted, and the followers then gathered these words and concepts and prop agitated a religion from them. They had a preference for those particular concepts and so they began to form laws and creeds and so developed a religion from them.

The Self-realized, one who has realized the Self, has no need for any religion. If in fact there is the firm conviction, the naked non conceptual knowing prior to any word, thought, concept, or acquired language , that I am That, I am That non dual Absolute, then where is the need for any god or religion in THAT, when in very fact THAT is all there ever is? Where is the room for any entity or separate person in this seamless awareness-consciousness.? If through investigation one can’t find any “me” or entity present there, and yet there is still the presence of awareness, it must follow that you are awareness itself. If you are not unaware then you must already be aware. Seeing these squiggly lines on a computer screen and then interpreting these lines as words or language through an acquired skill of having learned to read, implies that there is an awareness present there that they are appearing on.

There is no progress in unborn awareness, there is no evolution, no time involved with awareness. Awareness doesn’t come from anywhere, it doesn’t go anywhere. Where does awareness go when you die? It doesn’t go anywhere. Awareness is self-existing, self-shining, self-knowing, there is no creature, creation, sustenance, or destruction in awareness; there is no god who created awareness. The individual soul, the world, and god are illusory appearances like silver in the mother of pearl, awareness being the sole and only constant. There is then Self-liberation through seeing with naked awareness.

In the natural state awareness is unaware of itself, it does not know itself, it does not need to know itself as there is wholeness, a single unitary mass – Sat-Chit-Ananda: Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute, non dual, unbroken fullness, wholeness, happiness. In this world of Such-ness there is neither self nor other-than-self. Happiness is your true nature. The idle speculation or insubstantial thought arising or occurring such as, I would like to know myself, or who am I? is utterly absurd. Are there two selves that one might know the other? It is every one’s intimate experience that there is only one Self undivided.

This then is the direct knowing outside any recorded words or scriptures that no one ever did exist before me, and that I am the sole reality, non dual pure being without any second at all, without any duality at any imagined point whatsoever. This freedom, which is this immediacy, is unqualified and without limits. This first and only freedom which is this ever-fresh presence awareness, is freedom from the known. Freedom from the dead past, from time and the acquired mind of memory.

Obviously there is no becoming, no time at all in this non dual Absolute, this pure being that I am, otherwise it would not be Absolute. Being is not becoming, pure and simple, full stop right there! This is not for speculating upon, it is not something to argue or disagree about. This is about Self-discovery to which there is no end. If you go into the mind which is time, and try to work things out there and figure all this out, then you are totally lost to this timeless immediacy! You will never find any solution there no matter how hard you try.

You cannot negate this being or immediacy, so wouldn’t that be a significant clue to the mystery of this great matter of authentic Identity, and that is the answer to the riddle or question of who or what am I in essence or reality? What is birth and death, what is god, truth or reality? You are the sole authority there at zero degrees. No one else can answer this question for you simply because there is no one else there in that empty space of awareness where you truly and ever are at zero degrees from your Self. Has this ever occurred to you? If not, why has it not occurred to you? Perhaps you have been looking in the wrong direction, looking outward constantly and have never bothered to to look back or look inward to see who or what is doing this seeing, hearing, tasting etc.

It would be cowardly to live your entire life without having the courage to look and to see for yourself who or what is doing this. You have been distracted by the gross objects and sensations that are appearing in this space-like awareness, fixating on these sense impressions and totally ignoring the limitless space that they are appearing in. What did we say is the primary point in regard to the authentic understanding of non duality or what we call the natural state? It is the realization that you will never find the answer to what you are seeking or looking for in the mind. As we have pointed out here again and again, over and over so to speak, and it can’t be repeated too often; and that is that the mind, “me”, So and So is time, and time is only a mental concept and hence can never grasp, lead to or comprehend this timeless, ever-present, naked non conceptual awareness.

We are saying that awareness is the only constant and is ever-fresh, ever-new presence awareness, just this, nothing else. You cannot negate your awareness and you cannot grasp it with any mental concept, acquired word or language. You cannot know what awareness is as it is not an object, and who is the you the fictitious entity that is going to know it? You are that awareness, and yet you are seeking awareness, God, truth or reality so how can you ever find it when you are already THAT non dual unborn awareness? This is what we mean by ignorance – There is no greater mystery than this: Being Reality(naked awareness) ourselves, we seek to gain Reality.

This is an impossibility, so the very seeking or search for truth or reality is the very thing that is keeping you from it, just like a dog chasing its own tail. Therefore the very search itself is the problem as you are already what you are seeking. See this for yourself, don’t think about it as the constant thinking about it is what is preventing you from it. Be as you are, don’t become anything. Being is not becoming. Becoming is time and so you are in the trap again. You cannot negate your own being, you know that you are and you cannot say I am not because who would be saying that? It would be a thought, which is the thinker, and the thinker is a phantom, an imagined separate entity. There is no thinker of a thought there is only thinkING, this endless activity of knowing.

So the only problem you can ever have is the problem of the separate entity, the “me”, the self center or the ego, the imagined fictitious entity. What we are saying here is that the ego, the “me” or the so called self center is a fiction, a phantom, a fabrication. There is really no such thing as an ego, so why try to kill it or sublimate it or somehow try to overcome it? That will only make it seem real and seemingly give more strength to it. Duality is a fiction or a fabrication; there is not two at any point when you thoroughly investigate it and look into it you can’t find anything there at all that you could call a “me” or an ego.

Whenever there is a problem then in whatever form it may appear, a health problem, a money problem etc, have a good look and see who it is that has the problem. Isn’t it “me”, So and So, and this fellow here is telling you that there is no such thing as a me. Is he right or is he wrong? That is for you to find out, don’t take any one’s word for it. If it is the truth that sets us free and if what is being said is true, then relationship is the only problem you can ever have because relationship is dualism, you know, the relationship of you to me. Now ‘you’ and ‘me’ are both imagined as there is only being or consciousness.

There is no relationship in non duality. Relationship is dualism, duality, and it means or implies relative to. Relative to what? Relative to “me”, So and So; and that apparent person or entity when it is clearly looked at is seen to be a social convention, something made up or acquired, a concept or construct, a phantom without any substance or independent nature of its own apart from the naked non conceptual awareness that ever is. The ego or self center then is a fiction and so there is no need to get rid of it, sublimate it, kill it, analyze it, destroy it or sweep it under the carpet.

Anything then done to transcend the ego, any techniques, meditations, or spiritual practices undertaken to subvert the ego or to overcome it actually only succeeds in perpetuating it or continuing it in a more subtle way, or in the guise of pious posturing etc. One then has what we might call a spiritual ego. This “me” then can never keep up with ever-fresh, ever-new, spontaneous presence awareness which is life and life eternal or timeless in which there is no death whatsoever. Life does not know death as it is ever increasing, and out of life more life comes and so life lives on life and it loves to be and to perpetuate itself quite naturally and spontaneously. There is only life, and therefore there is no one who lives a life. Is your life as an apparent human being separate from life as it spontaneously expresses in nature or what we call in Advaita the natural state?

If your life is not separate from life that is ever renewing itself as the natural universe, it then follows that you are in essence life itself, the everlasting life that is referred to in the scriptures of all the major world religions. “Behold I make all things new.” And “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” “Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus.” This mind is the Christ mind, the unborn Buddha mind. Thou art That. I am That. All this is That. This is wisdom that surpasses the intellectual, conceptual knowledge of acquired language and learning.

This is the peace that passes all understanding and that is your natural state of Sat-Chit-Ananda – Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. This is pre-reflective, without thinking prior to the acquired reasoning mind and prior to the arising of consciousness, unconscious raw nature just as it is. Peace and the fullness of life that is happiness and well being, being well, is your natural state. This is what needs to be seen and acknowledged. You can’t attain peace and happiness as you are already That. Realize the Self in order to open the storehouse of unalloyed happiness and bliss, your own true nature, nearer to you than your own breath, nearer to you than your own hands and feet.

Happiness is your true nature, it can’t be found outside or apart from the Self. Looking to another for happiness is utter misery. If happiness could be found in external objects and things, in other so called persons and not in the Self, then what the ancients, the sages and seers and all of the major religions have said and pointed to is false and not true. The apex of Hinduism being Advaita, states that truth or reality is non dual One without a second. Hear O Israel, the lord your God is one, from Judaism. Nothing other than That. No duality in That reality whatsoever!

However if there is more than One and duality, two or more, and even multiplicity is taken to be true and actual then this Absolute, God, truth or reality spoken of by the ancient sages and the major religions must be a divided or schizophrenic God or truth, which is quite obviously an impossibility, not to mention an absurdity. This pre-reflective natural state is a wholly unbroken totality or unity, non dual One without a second as it is pointed to in Advaita in Hinduism.

This is the Absolute, the unconscious, prior to and including consciousness as it expresses spontaneously in nature dualistic ally in the pairs of opposites — day alternating with night, male and female, seasons following one another in perfect order, incoming tide following the outgoing tide, stars and galaxies emerging and subsiding in this limitless un-concsious, the noumenon, the Absolute, the unknowable beyond knowing and not knowing, ‘as it is’. Because you are That Absolute there is no need to try to know it, worship it, or grasp it with any reflective acquired knowledge or concepts. THIS is non conceptual naked awareness or knowing; an emptiness suffused with awareness as it is pointed to in Dzogchen in Buddhism using the term Rigpa, which means literally emptiness suffused with awareness.

The term Dzogchen means The Great Perfection, and The Great Perfection put simply in a single phrase is – non conceptual awareness. In other words not two, no duality in The Great Perfection, no duality in non duality. Therefore when doubts arise, as they surely will in the scheme of things in nature, just simply say – not two. In this “not two” nothing is separate, nothing is excluded.

Vast emptiness nothing sacred, this is the base the foundation of everything. Space-like emptiness free of all qualities. Emptiness here, Emptiness there, but the infinite universe stands always before your eyes. Infinitely large and infinitely small; no difference for definitions have vanished and no boundaries are seen. So too with being and non being. Don’t waste time in doubts and arguments that have nothing to do with this.

One thing, all things; move among and intermingle without distinction. To live in this realization is to be without anxiety about non- perfection. To live in this faith is the road to non duality, because the non-dual is one with the trusting mind. What have you got to loose by trusting in what is, except the constant fear and uncertainty of an ever-changing appearance world, a world of Maya or illusion that is not apart from the Self, the non-dual Absolute, the very such-ness that is what is?

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3 Responses to Notes from Kings Cross, Thursday, 1st November, 2018.

  1. Dean P says:

    Thanks for posting this. Nice to read Mark’s writings and pointing out.

  2. Divo says:

    What to say…….these significant pointers, read and read over and over again – underneath it had effect – and finally it was heard.
    Indeed many thanks for this description (s).
    Directly to the roots!

  3. Natarajan S says:

    Thank you very much for your pointers. I have been contemplating on the Maha Vakya “I am That” and meditating with this for a long time. I spent most of my free time in Atma vichara. I try to remain- just be – without any concepts. Yes, I know I am That – from my inquiries, pointers, teachings. Still, how do I get the FIRM CONVICTION that I am That? I also tried to keep reminding myself ” My teacher ( Nisargadatta Maharaj), who is a realised soul, said so. hence I dont need any detailed evidence”. I feel very calm and peaceful. I stopped seeking long back. I keep reading viveka chudamani, ribhu Gita etc in my free time. But how to get the “aha. Now I know” state? How do I go beyond the mind? May be this is a very stupid question, but, Mark, I am burning with desire and despair to “Know” It. I would very much appreciate any pointers you can give me in this regard. Thanks.