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Notes from Kings Cross

Friday, 1st of February, 2019

“You have squeezed yourself into the span of a lifetime and the volume of a body, and thus created the innumerable conflicts of life and death.  Have your being outside this body of birth and death, and all your problems will be solved.  They exist because you believe yourself  born to die.  Undeceive yourself and be free.  You are not a person.”

Birth and death are conceptual and not actual.  Reality is That which does not change or alter in any way, and only the non dual Absolute is the reality.  What is born is the concept ‘I am’, and that is what is going to die, and it can die right now if you see that it is false.  The primary thought ‘I am’ is still only a thought or concept.  You don’t need any thought to simply be, as you are, in the natural state prior to conception in the rather cramped womb of the mother.

All of this, birth and death and all of the seeming play in the light of the consciousness is ignorance and nothing but ignorance in spite of what these gurus are saying about the sperm and ovum of the so called father and mother etc. All of this is dualism and we are saying here, not from hearsay but from direct knowing or naked non conceptual knowing-awareness that there is no duality in this unborn awareness-suchness.

 That being the case then where does that leave you without even the thought or concept ‘I am’?  Aren’t you still aware without any conceptualizing going on?  In deep sleep there is no world, no body and mind, no thinking, and no consciousness, yet you were still existing because on awakening you say I had a good sleep.  Who had a good sleep?  Isn’t there the knowing present there even in deep sleep otherwise on awakening you could not have said, I had an enjoyable sleep?

 There is the knowing here that I am not the result of sexual intercourse between human beings, as well as the certainty that no one ever did exist before me.  The I being referred to here is the real I, the formless unbroken I-I that throbs unceasingly by itself, and not the ‘I’ thought or the ‘I’ conceit that comes over us inadvertently around that age of 2 or 3 years induced by the parents, teachers and society, necessary as it is for practical purposes.

Once the ‘I’ thought appears around the age of 2 to 3 years it is then reinforced by the parents and others until it takes on a unique identity that appears quite solid and substantial even to itself.  Although there is ample evidence of the illusory and very impermanent nature of this assumed identity or persona as Mr or Mrs So and So, no one ever questions it or truly investigates as to whether or not this assumed identity really has any substance or true independent nature of its own whatsoever, and so it is taken to be real, solid, and permanent from then onwards.  Even a little clear looking below the surface of this “me” of memory would reveal its totally illusory or dream like nature, which is what we call Maya in Advaita Vedanta, which points to the truth and actuality of non duality.  Advaita in Hinduism means “not two”, only That, in the great word or statement Thou art That. I am That.

 There is a silence and stillness at the core of being that remains unaffected by any sound or movement, and that is eminently assessable when thought, which is time, which is also mind, is fully understood.  Thought being limited and time bound is a useful servant but a terrible master.  You will never find any satisfactory answer in the mind which is time.  Time therefore is only a mental concept and not the actual, the actual being this timeless immediacy.  The mind which is time, the “me” of memory will never be satisfied no matter how much it amasses, gains or accumulates in the form of money, possessions, name and fame etc because it will always need more and more of everything in order to be secure.  Thought is not an enemy if it s fully understood, however if its limited nature is not clearly understood and seen through it will go on analyzing, hypothesizing, and speculating forever, and remain stuck and fixated in a self-destructive state of analysis-paralysis. 

This that is being pointed to and expounded here, your own true nature or natural state, your authentic Identity, the nameless and formless I-I standing right where you are at zero degrees is timeless, so don’t look for it in the mind which is time.  I is your true name, not ego ‘I’ rather, I am That I am.  Now is only a word, a label, a thought, sound or vibration, but it is an indication of This ever-present unqualified immediacy, this naked non conceptual awareness that you ever are.  Are, am, is, indicates the verb to be, not to become anything because that is time and this is timeless being and awareness; and so not joining some guru circus in Melbourne, LA, or anywhere else for that matter.  That is a sure way to prevent understanding or Enlightenment from taking place in the guise of working specially hard for it.

That is because the seekers who go to those meetings then elevate the teacher or guru to a very high status well above their own so to speak, and of course this prevents them from seeing that the so called truth or reality that they are seeking is not in the teacher or in any of the people who are attending that meeting, but is closer to them than their own breathing, closer to them even than their own hands and feet.  This is the ignorance that is being exposed here.

 This non dual Absolute that I am is beyond language, beyond words, in it there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today – This is it!  When I spent some time with Nisargadatta Maharaj in India in the late 1970’s he told me not to think of him as a guru, but rather as a spiritual friend or equal, someone that I could talk to about Self-realization.  He told me straight out that Swami Muktananda whom I had previously taken to be my guru was in some sense a fraud as he had become intoxicated by the devotion that he was receiving from all of these Western devotees that he had accumulated, and that this type of false authority and power over these hapless followers had gone to his head and so distorted this timeless message, this great matter that each needed to understand for themselves so to speak.  The acceptance of authority in this great matter of Self-knowledge is the very denial of Truth as was tirelessly pointed out by J. Krishnamurti during this very same period of time in India and elsewhere.

 Now some of these very same people who were once with Muktananda and had also moved on from there to attend some of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s talks at the same time as myself have now ironically fallen into the same trap that Muktananda did.  They in turn have become famous, some few of them, and have become intoxicated with their own popularity and publicity, intoxicated with the blind devotion that they are receiving from other Australians and Americans etc.  You know – Oh, isn’t he wonderful, isn’t he a great guru, such a great teacher and all that emotional nonsense that goes on around these oh so special teachers.  They put them up on such a high pedestal, although, and in spite of being told not to do this.  This has been seen first hand here and it needs to be called out.  You see, this is very seductive, and in spite of them saying that they can’t teach anyone anything etc, they have very subtly fallen into this guru game, the same way that Muktananda did and so are perpetuating this cycle of ignorance in the guise of passing this knowledge on to others, thereby keeping them stuck in the same rut year after year continuing on with this same limited game instead of dropping all this stuff and being free, which they ever and always are.

 Yes, but what about the ignorant seekers who are doing all this praising and all this blind devotion, who are they?  Are they something different from this ever present space-like awareness-consciousness?  That of course is never taken into account.

 There is a less happy alternative.  If one’s seeing is immature, one can be tempted to set up as a spiritual teacher and collect a following.  Then one will find oneself deeply involved in the Guru-Disciple game.  This is quite the most satisfying way of avoiding Enlightenment under the cover of working specially hard for it.  (Master: “I’ll make you free – but not yet, not from me.”  Disciple: “My true guru at last!”)  This elegant game is a variety of Berne’s ‘Gee you’re wonderful, Professor’ and Peasant,’ in which the patient so admires the doctor and so treasures his prescription that he can’t bear to trust the pharmacist with it, so the medicine is never made up, let alone taken.

 This First Person, Present tense, Singular is being totally overlooked and somehow ignored.  SEE and re-cognize I am That Original face or pure space prior to consciousness, prior to conception in the womb.  Seeing-knowing that I am not the result of sexual intercourse between human beings and that I am is my Name.  I am is God’s Name whereas the so called human name I have assumed is not my real name and was given by others.  If you see that the visible human body you seem to have at present is the result of something dirty or filthy like a type of spit (sperm), could you even have ego, considering that the fleshly body-mind entity that you have firmly identified with, this human person, persona or mask with its proud family tradition is nothing but the result of spit; and that you would like to keep hidden the member that emitted this spit because you are thoroughly ashamed of the illusory world you have created.

 How would you be with your self-esteem, your ego sense wiped out and fully exposed like this?  Where would it leave you?  Would you come or go anywhere, wouldn’t you still be present and aware, even Omnipresent?
 Who Sees His Original Face?  It is practically certain that, throughout history only a very small proportion of the human race has seen their Original Face — after childhood.  We have observed that anyone who Sees clearly and steadily helps people around him to see, thus the whole tendency is centripetal and exceedingly ‘democratic’ — a chain reaction is possible — and mercifully relieved from any central guru or teacher.

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