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Notes from Kings Cross, Thursday, 1st August 2019.

 What we are drawing the attention to here is the actuality of one’s being or true nature, and that it is not something new to be acquired, not something that you need to teach anyone about, in spite of all these gurus and spiritual authorities that are springing up like mushrooms all over the place.  Listening is an art that very few have ever mastered.  Hearing is not listening in the sense that we want to share here.  Listening is to take direct delivery of what is being said totally fresh and new without the dead past of memory intervening, interpreting, and distorting the clarity of what is being expounded.
 Very few ever expound knowledge directly and clearly as it taking place here.  Generally what is being spoken is dead words and concepts of the acquired language, second hand experiences that are once removed from the suchness, the unqualified immediacy of this non dual Absolute, the supreme inconceivable, changeless reality or principal prior to consciousness, which is seasonal and time bound and which arises and sets quite spontaneously.  There is no reason or purpose for the arising and passing away of consciousness.
 Knowing that you are, that you are alive and conscious of this fact happens unknowingly, you don’t choose for it to happen.  Did you grow yourself while in the womb?  No, you had no knowledge of yourself whatsoever at that point, and you don’t come to know yourself as a sentient being until two or three years after the body emerges or appears.  All knowledge apart from knowledge of the Self is a form of ignorance.  Knowledge and ignorance go together, they are two sides of one coin.  All of that is in the realm of dualism, it is all duality, or what we call Maya, which is illusion or ignorance, pure and simple.
 The so called subject being discussed here, non duality, is the simplest fact there is, pure subjectivity without any object.  Non duality, not two, is your infinite being or true nature, you just cannot deny that you are, you ‘know’ that you are regardless of your changing emotional mental state from moment to moment.  Whether you are happy or sad, depressed, neutral, or elated, a theist, that is one who believes in a God, or an atheist, one who does not believe in God; in spite of any or all of these philosophic stances; for any or all of these stand points to be taken you have to be there first and foremost.  Who is the First Person present tense singular who is always and ever present there so to speak?  Have you ever looked into this in any profound way, has this ever occurred to you to inquire, to ask yourself who and what am I really?
 The so called person, So and So, is not the real.  Person means persona, namely the mask of acquired personality that has been developed from around the age of two years and onwards, engendered by the parents, teachers and society.  The person the “me” of acquired memory cannot see, hear, or do anything at all.  This so called “me” or persona is some seemingly static or fixed point that one has taken oneself to be without questioning it to see whether or not it actually does have any substance or independent nature of its own.  All of the natural functioning is taking place spontaneously, the seeing, the hearing etc, the digestion of the food and the breathing are happening even without the need or the necessity of an ego or separate entity to guide all this, or to make it happen.  The thought that arises and says I see, cannot truly see as the seeing is happening even before one says I see.  So this is the investigation that is being undertaken here.
 You are not a human being at all, this being that you truly are is limitless awareness-consciousness.  Having placed that limitation on yourself  — “After all I am only human”, this has now been taken on as a fact and reinforced by everyone in society, whereas with a little clear investigation this can be seen to be a total falsehood.  If it is false then see where does that leave you?  Does it leave you in any limited state or are you then the limitless space of naked non conceptual knowing?  My house, my car, my mind, my body means that you are not your house, your car, your body or your mind etc, who is the owner of the house or car?  When you say my body there is a knowing that you are not your body but rather the awareness or knowing that the body and everything else is appearing in.  This knowing that can’t be known as an object is the true knowing, the Jnana of the Jnani, the non dual knowing, the undivided unquestioned light of awareness.
 This cognizing emptiness, this empty cognizance is what is doing the functioning, living you and functioning you effortlessly and spontaneously.  This is the way, the truth and the life, the life that doesn’t know death, the vibrating life that is ever increasing that Christ was referring to and was intimate with.  This is the eternal life and the resurrection the constant renewing that was testified to in the New Testament.  Behold, I make all things new.  Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus.  He is risen!  Why seek you the living among the dead?  Let the dead bury their dead.  Die daily and live in Christ.  Die to the past because it is only by dying, letting go of the past that you can have eternal life.  Drop your concepts and relax the reasoning mind, which is a good servant but a terrible master, let your mind be your servant and ‘not’ your  master (They ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the reasoning, dualistic mind) and see that there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.
 See that the “me” the so called person or human being that you are presently taking yourself to be cannot see, hear, taste, or touch anything independently or in isolation from the total functioning that is happening spontaneously.  This activity of knowing that is ever present and constant is a timeless movement, somewhat of a throb, called Spanda in the expression of non dual Shaivism in Hinduism.  This livingness or Suchness, the Godliness of you so to speak, is beginning right here and now and ending right now, and as it is ending it is beginning again, so there is really no duration, no time in it at all.  As it is beginning it is ending and as it is ending it is beginning, so life is free and unafraid as there is no death, being time and duration to it at all.
 If there is no me can you have a desire, can you have fear, can there be psychological suffering, or any suffering at all?  No you can’t, as the you that is having the desire or fear is a total fiction, the child of a barren woman as Sri Nisargadatta pointed out.  Nothing ever happened, this awake, aware, no thing that you ever are right there at zero degrees from where the actual seeing is taking place has remained untouched and unaffected.  It is your essential nature to remain unaffected, as unstained and uninjured and unstressed as your TV screen is by all of the murders and shootings and burnings that rage on it.  As unsoiled as your mirror is by what it mirrors so faithfully and unselectively.  As empty for all things and their qualities and their stresses, you just can’t help being different from all that.
 Awareness is no thing to the mind, the “me”, which is time.  The essential nature of awareness is emptiness and they are not two things.  “It is a great joy to realize that the fundamental nature is quality less.”  Awareness-emptiness is true suchness, Nirvana, the non dual Absolute.  Things that are appearing as phenomena perish, they are impermanent and have no substantial or lasting nature in themselves, they have no self nature to speak of and this is what we refer to as Maya or illusion in Advaita. Things are the content of space and ultimately can be resolved back into this basic space of phenomena.  This space of knowing that is ever-present is indomitable, fearless, ever victorious and one must come to SEE and know directly the truth of the Maha Vakya the great word of Hinduism – I am That.
 You just can’t get away from the simplicity of this, the fact of your own being here and now Omnipresent.  Note that being is not becoming which is time, so this is the very key to all this, the seeing-knowing that time is only a mental concept and not, repeat not, an actuality.  What time is there if you don’t think about it?  The very thinking itself is fear, is time if it is not understood.  Time whether it is one hundred light years, ten minutes, or ninety years of a life span has a beginning and an end, but This that you are, the what is, this ever present unqualified immediacy is ‘as it is’, changeless and ungraspable, immediate and inconceivable.  Seeing this don’t try to grasp it with a concept, simply relax back into it and abide as That, be as you are in the natural state.
 It will reveal itself to you by itself when you stop trying to run the show, stop trying to control every little thing.  Who is the controller?  Isn’t it ego me, So and So?  Things are happening spontaneously by themselves and you the imagined entity are not making them happen.  This is wisdom, natural surrender, Self-knowledge.  See the truth of what is being expounded for yourself, go to no external refuge, no guru, no authority outside yourself.  You yourself are what you are seeking, you are the authority there at zero degrees from from your Self as you alone are there, others are at your mercy so to speak and are appearing in the light of your own consciousness.  Worship your own consciousness be one with it and all mysteries will be revealed to you.  Have the courage to be as nothing, no thing, the nothing that everything is appearing in and not separate from.  

 Don’t pretend to be what you are not, a limited circumscribed thing.  Don’t refuse to be what you are, the limitless awake, aware no thing, the unborn awareness that is your true nature or natural state.  Can something come from nothing?  No, it can’t, so you are not what you ‘appear’ to be, you are no thing, awareness-emptiness.  Everything is energy and energy has no static point, no fixed point, no fixed boundary or color, it is all-power, not your personal power, my power, mind power or any other kind of power; it is constantly vibrating and patterning itself into all of the various forms that appear as a constantly changing display, a universe made up of phenomena.  A universe can’t appear without a changeless background, the basic screen of pure Being-Awareness-Stillness that it appears on.  The universe therefore was neither born, nor maintained, nor dissolved; this is the plain truth.  The basic screen of pure Being-Awareness-Stillness devoid of all the moving shadow pictures of name and form of the universe is the sole, eternal Existence.  The universe is Maya or illusion when taken to exist by itself independent of the energy or limitless intelligence that makes its appearance possible.
                       Rest and unrest derive from illusion,                  with enlightenment there is no liking or disliking.                      All dualities come from ignorant inference.                       They are like dreams or flowers in air;                          foolish to try to grasp them.                        Gain and loss, right and wrong:                      such thoughts must finally be abolished at once.
 Don’t take delivery of them.  “Leave your front door open, your back door open, let thoughts come and go but don’t serve them tea.”  Don’t fixate on your thoughts, let thoughts be free by letting them return to the nothing or no thing that they have arisen from, don’t entertain them, and remain utterly open with unfixating awareness.
 Some may argue that this universe of duality(multiple existences) is a factual second reality, clearly seen by the senses operated by the mind.  But then are the senses anything apart from the mind?  Can they function without the support of the mind in which they are embedded?  What is this mind except a bundle of thoughts?  What are thoughts except vibrating patterns of energy, evanescent ripples in the still limitless ocean of pure Being-Awareness-Self, which is the sole Existence without a second?
 This is the truth of non duality, not two, never two, only THAT.  Aren’t you That?  Can you in fact be anything different from That non dual Absolute?  No you can’t!  So what can be added to or taken away from the Absolute if it is Absolute?  Nothing at all.  See this, know this and give up all becoming which is time.  This is as easy as it is difficult because your entire motivation up to and including the clarity and simplicity of this realization or apperception has been to protect, perpetuate and continue indefinitely this false sense of self, this self-centered activity which has been taken to be normal and healthy.
 Needless to say that if there has been no genuine investigation into this “me” of memory, Mr or Mrs So and So, if this self center or ego has not been seen through and seen to be a total fiction, a non existent phantom, then there is going to be on going resistance, conflict and disease, because every event that occurs is then referred back to this dead image from the past “me”, So and So, which can not keep up with the ever-fresh and new movement of life, and anyone can see that this is what is going on constantly in society in general.
 And what we are saying here is quite significant and profound, and that is that this psychological suffering is not necessary and does not have to be there if one does this investigation and sees what is being pointed to here for oneself.  No one else can see this for you, and this is the rub here, the fly in the ointment so to speak.  Always we have gone to experts, gurus, saints, sages and seers who will help us to see this, and they can’t do this at all, and they never can see this for anyone else, don’t forget what you came to this blog for, you came here for the truth and actuality of non duality – Hear O Israel the lord thy God is One – nothing other, only THAT, not two, now or ever – full stop!  And that is why this conflict continues on unabated.
 The ancients were very clear about this and there was a period of religious-spiritual flowering that took place in China from the early fourth to the tenth century AD that was unequaled in human history, this was a flowering of Zen Buddhism that began with the patriarch Bodhidharma’s arrival in China from India in the late fourth century.  This is an account of ancient Zen master Dongshan’s passing away in 869 AD in China.  In his death verse, Dongshan says that he had numerous disciples, but “not one has gained enlightenment; they err in seeking it as a path taught by others.”
 In his final teaching, again Dongshan empathizes not seeking awakening from others, outside.  He further discourages seeking some path aimed at attaining an alternate experience, aside from awakened awareness of this present body-mind.
 Have a fresh look right now, on present evidence, by pointing to what is above your chest… your neck….your face…..your eyes…..Or rather, to the place where people told you those things were to be found…..
 You are now pointing at no surface, at no thing at all…..
 Isn’t there a vast , empty, aware space that is featureless, boundless and without any edges right there where your head and ‘two’ eyes are supposed to be, and where you truly are at zero degrees from where you are seeing ?  Aren’t you looking out of a single edgeless eye or window right there where you are and not out of two little peep holes in a type of meat ball?  Look for yourself, don’t let me or anyone else tell you what you are on present evidence; that is without resorting to thought or thinking which is the dead past; to tell you what you actually see that you are right there at zero degrees from yourself.
  “Seeing into nothingness —— This is true seeing and eternal seeing.”
 Usually and the way it is naturally designed, the mind is always outgoing, we always look outwards at others, we seldom ever turn our gaze around one hundred and eighty degrees to look at our Self to see who and what it is that is doing the seeing.  If this is done it will be seen that there is no one , no person, who is doing the seeing at all, but rather that the seeing is happening spontaneously and impersonally.  Continue to see that there is no one , no “me” who is doing the seeing or making the seeing happen.  Seeing in and seeing out simultaneously is the true non dual seeing.  See that the seeing is happening 24/7 and that there is no separate person or entity that is making it happen.  This is Omnipotence, all- power, all-energy right there where the seeing is spontaneously happening.
 Seeing has no back or front to it and continues endlessly to infinity.  Seeing here at zero degrees you can see forever that you are That seeing.  Whether on a clear day or not you can see forever if you see that the person the so called human being that you ‘think’ you are, the “me” who thinks that that they are seeing, can;t see, hear, or do anything at all apart from the the awake, aware no thing there at the very core or heart of being where you truly and ever are at zero degrees from yourself.  This that you are is nameless, formless, and unknowable as an object, yet you cannot negate your being, your ‘glassy essence’ as Skakespeare refers to this mystery of your own being, this open secret in plain sight.
 “Nirvana is visible in this life, inviting, attractive, accessible to the wise disciple.”  Nirvana is no thing, it is the other shore, the highest good, salvation, your ‘glassy essence’, the unbecome, the unmade, the unborn, accessible and visible in this very life.  Nirvana is when ‘you’ the entity So and So are not.  Samsara washes up on the shore of Nirvana, they are two sides of the same coin, there is no separation and this is all inclusive.  Understand the relativity of language and the basis reality: The unity of Emptiness.
 Emptiness-fullness with no dividing line; there below the bottom line at the world’s end; the imaginary line right there where you look down from your no head and notice the seemingly horizontal line at the level of your upper chest and shoulders where you notice your upside down torso fades into nothing right there below that line.  Looking down you can see your torso and decapitated body right there, but your head and neck are not there, they are invisible right there where you are.  It is as if some transcendental moth has chewed across your upper shoulders and neck line exposing an infinite boundless space or nothing right there where you were told your human head is.  On close inspection you See clearly that right there where the actual seeing is taking place from, the very first thing that you are seeing is space, with objects a little further out, there is no head or neck or eyes or anything at all in that space, there is not even a speck of dust in that clear space where you are seeing from, you certainly have no head there, and you have never had a head right there in this limitless space at zero degrees from yourself.
 On having no head.  Zen and the rediscovery of the obvious.  I am the complete opposite right here in this space of knowing at zero degrees from myself than I appear to you to be at three feet away.  At three feet away I appear to you as a right way up limited human being or thing, however if you were to come right up to me here at zero degrees you loose me completely as that appearance and find instead limitless, empty, space-like naked non conceptual knowing-awareness-emptiness.  “Man is like a mirage in the desert, as to when you come right up to him, instead of a man you find God.”

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