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Notes from Kings Cross, Wednesday, 1st May 2019

 The Jnani is one who is in full and conscious receipt of the Jnana, and that is the knowledge I am.  I am is not I was or I will be, it is the present knowing which is spontaneous, ever fresh, ever new, and ever present.  This activity of knowing is the timeless spontaneous expression of life as nature or the natural state.  Nature in essence is unborn awareness, this unceasing activity of knowing which can never be negated on the one hand, and which can never be grasped with any thought, word, label or concept on the other.  This knowing that you are is ever present and you cannot really say, I am not, as there has to be the naked non conceptual knowing ever present there even for you to say I am not.
 This unborn, naked, non conceptual awareness expresses through the mind as the thought or concept ‘I am’.  This thought or concept ‘I am’ is not the actual awareness itself but only a translation through the mind and after the fact of this ever present unqualified immediacy  Also the thought ‘I hear’ as well as the thought ‘I see’ cannot actually see or hear anything, as the seeing and hearing are happening quite spontaneously and all that the thoughts I see and I hear are doing is translating what is already and naturally taking place.
 However the illusion and deception of what the thinking or thought  is seemingly perpetrating or doing goes a little deeper than this in that it creates an illusory entity or person, “me”, So and So, who then takes the credit for this thinking and claims that he or she is the one that is doing the seeing, hearing, tasting, touching etc.  The so called ‘person’, persona or mask then thinks that he or she is doing the thinking, whereas the entity “me” can’t see or hear or do anything at all, as that acquired me or entity is illusory or conceptual, simply the imagined or conjured up result of language, words and concepts which are nothing but vibrating energy.  The entity then, the “me” is a social convention and not a reality at all, as it was never created in the first place, and so it never really did exist at any time, so there is no need to kill the ego or the imagined separate entity “me”, So and So; to sublimate it, suppress it, analyze it or sweep it under the carpet as all of that activity will only make it seem real — when in fact it was never real in the first place, just like the child of a barren woman or water in a mirage, it is what we call Maya or illusion in Advaita which is the very truth of non duality, only That, not two.
 The so called “me” is an accumulation of memories and incidents that seemingly occurred in the past, and so it is a dead image that can never keep pace with the ever fresh immediacy of this presence awareness that is the very livingness itself, the godliness of you if you like, which is deathless and so has never grown old nor suffered any hurts, dramas or traumas, nothing ever having touched it or affected it in any way whatsoever.  If this is not directly seen and realized, taken delivery of or taken on board so to speak, then every event that occurs in daily life is then referred back to this dead image, to this me of memory which cannot keep up with life, and so there is ongoing conflict, strife, and psychological suffering.  No wonder there is trouble and confusion present when you are trying to protect, prolong and defend a dead image from the past instead of being in the natural flow of life.,
 When you say, I see the table over there, what have you done?  You have created a pseudo subject ‘I’ who then sees an object ‘table’ over there.  However the seeing is whole, total and edgeless, it is undivided without any fixed or static reference point anywhere in it at all.  There is no location in this spontaneous natural functioning that includes the seeing and general sense functions.  It is all undivided, One without a second as it is pointed to in Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism and in all of the other major religions as well.  There is no separate entity with any substance or independent nature of its own whatsoever, that can stand on its own apart from the suchness that is this unborn, non conceptual presence awareness.
 The person cannot do anything at all and the sooner you see this the better off it will be for you so to speak.  You as the person or entity are being lived spontaneously by this unborn awareness.  This can’t be understood by the mind, you cannot grasp this with any concept at all, and this cannot be explained by words or concepts.  You cannot teach what is being pointed to here at all, it does not matter whether you give a fifty minute spiel or a thirty minute spiel, because no matter how good and clear the spiel is, it is still only conceptual, it is still only words and concepts and THIS that is being pointed to here is non conceptual, unborn, awareness-suchnes, do you comprehend this fact?
 If you did you would give up all this nonsense, but you don’t, you continue on hoping and praying that some new guru will give you what you want on a platter.  You will never ever find the answer in the mind which is time, so perhaps it would be wise to stop looking there even temporarily.  Nisargadatta Maharaj to my good self and a few other westerners who had gathered there in his loft room in Bombay India sometime in the late 1970’s — “The result of all of your arguments is that you have tried to grasp this that I am expounding here with a concept, and you have failed and you are bound to fail.”  Surely this would have been a warning shot across the bows to anyone who was truly earnest about this great matter of Self-realization.
 A little later came the admonition, confirmation, and certainty from the direct knowing and experiencing — “You are the pure awareness, the Supreme Principal beyond mind and body, abide as That.”  Simple isn’t it?  Yes, too simple for words, and no one there took direct delivery of what was being said and pointed to.  There may be many reasons for this, but every reason or excuse for this deeply ingrained ignorance is just another concept, label or idea.
 However this lifetime habit of gloating over and glorifying in the concepts arising in the mind flow that is the vital breath, and taking these concepts as substantial prevents any genuine understanding from occurring.  As long as the vital breath is flowing, this life force that is the animating life essence; so long as that is present there is life in the body.  When the life force or breathing ceases to function in the natural course of events the body is nothing but an empty shell, a corpse.
 There is no life in the body at any time, it is insentient and is only a vehicle for the life to express through and is spontaneously created by this impersonal cosmic intelligence for its own limitless expression; there is no place for any separate entity in this at all.  There is only life, there is no one who lives a life and so basically aren’t you that life and not just the body or the mind as you are presently taking yourself to be?  You are not what you take yourself to be.  I am the way, the truth and the life.  Don’t you say I am first and foremost and after that, Mr or Mrs So and So?  I am then is the primary thought or concept and other thoughts follow only after the primary thought arises.  What is that I am, what does that I am news signify?
 Do you know what I am, what Om really means?  No you don’t, if you did you would not be reading this, so wouldn’t it be imperative to find out for yourself who and what I am?  Who am I?  Am I just a limited human being who appears out of nowhere and then disappears again after a very brief period of time?  I am not going to tell you and nor can anyone else.  Once that I am news arises you want it to remain always, however it is seasonal and time bound as it appears.  There is this loving to be in all living creatures and life longs to perpetuate itself.  Find out what this light in oneself really is, this unquenchable light of knowledge, this love-light that is Self-knowledge, Self-realization already present and realized.  Re-cognize this and be as you are in the natural state.
 Advaita or non duality is not something you can talk about, you cannot make a theory out of it analyze it or approach it in any positive way at all; as a matter of fact you, the person or entity, cannot approach it at all as that would then take you back into duality again; you as the separate entity and non duality as the so called goal of your endeavor.  This can only be known through negation or no; Neti, Neti, not this, not this.  Only through negation do you come to the actuality of what is, the basic space of phenomena, the space-like awareness-emptiness that is the base or foundation of all matter.  Matter-form is emptiness and emptiness is form, everything in the appearance can be broken down into the basic elements, further then into sub atomic particles, and finally into empty space.  “It is a great joy to know that the fundamental nature is quality less.”
 No shape, no form, no color, no thing is emptiness.  The content of emptiness or space is nothing but space itself.  No fixed reference point in space, no center, no circumference, no path, no journey and no destination to arrive at, no beginning or ending, and so no time to cover the space which is all pervading.  Can some thing come from nothing?  No, it can’t.   All the things that are appearing as the world are truly no thing, awareness-emptiness, nothing, void – vast emptiness, nothing sacred, special or apart.  Nothing ever happened.  The world was never created, it only appears to be there through ignorance.  This is what we mean by Maya or illusion.  If you investigate the world appearance it will cease to be instantly, the false can’t stand up to investigation.
 Inquiry brings illusion to an end.  Who am I, how did I come to be in this precarious state?  Am I a limited time-bound ‘thing’, or the limitless awake, aware no thing that that every apparent thing is appearing in, right here at zero degrees from myself?  Is the “me” of memory real?  Stop the internal dialogue and you stop the world.  Pause the thinking for an instant, shut off the endless mental chatter momentarily and where does that leave you?  Do you disappear, do you cease to be aware when the thinking is paused?  Of course not, as it leaves you present and aware as have always and ever been.  There can be awareness without consciousness, as in deep sleep, however there can’t be consciousness without awareness.  Aren’t you that awareness prior to consciousness, and aren’t you always and ever aware?  Isn’t awareness then beyond life and death?  You can never loose the awareness whether you are so called alive or dead, or whether the body-mind is present or not.
 Can anything be outside of space, if so what would it be in?  It would have to be in space wouldn’t it?  Are you unaware right now?  You see you can’t get away from the fact of your own being, the actuality of non duality, just this, space-like awareness emptiness.  There is no duality in non duality. there never has been and there never could be.  Being is not becoming something better or different at some future time.  Becoming is time and this ever-present pure being that you are is timeless.  There is an appearance of duality and everything in the manifestation appears in the pairs of opposites; however you know the truth about it and that is that the appearance is not the reality, the non dual Absolute, it is Maya or illusion and so you are no longer taken in by the appearance, no longer taking the ‘appearance’ to be reality which frees you from all fear and psychological suffering.
 No one has ever lived or died, all that is imagination pure and simple.  Nothing has ever happened.  Unborn awareness is the base and foundation of everything.  Nature including trees, clouds, mountains and rivers, human beings and animals are unborn awareness, the unborn Buddha Mind, into which every apparent thing is resolved.  All problems then are problems of relationship, I and other than I.  Relationship is duality, me and the so called other.  There is no relationship in non duality pure and simple.  No longer ignorant of what I am most assured; this glassy essence, transparency, or limitless capacity here at zero degrees from where the seeing is taking place, zero degrees from the Self, from the immediacy of what is, I am no longer in danger of acting like an angry ape as was the case prior to this seeing.
 There is nothing like LOOKING if you want to SEE something.  Look back at least now to SEE just where you are seeing from.  This is what respect actually means – respect means to look back.  Not to look behind you but to look back to see that you are looking out of a single edgeless eye, the Christ eye, the Buddha eye.  This eye being single and edgeless your body is full of light, the light of unborn awareness.
 “Man, proud man, dressed in a little brief authority and ignorant of what he is most assured, his glassy essence,(the transparency, the suchness of his unborn nature) like an angry ape plays such tricks before high heaven as would make the angles weep.”  This quote from Shakespeare from his play ‘Measure for Measure’ is another pointer to the non dual nature of things.
 There is now some later talks of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj available which were published in book form in India in 2007.  This book edited by Maria Jory was transcribed from ten tapes of audio discussions that were presented to her by S, K, Mullarpattan who had been Nisargadatta Maharaj’s translator for the longest period of time.  The copyright 2007 by S. K. Mullarpattan – “Beyond Freedom”, talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
          “I talked with Maurice Frydman some years back and he edited my words, empathizing certain points and adding his own ideas, in the book ‘I am That’.  That book and whatever was expounded at that time was only relevant for that period.  I am speaking differently today.  As a matter of fact, this should also have been recorded and published in greater detail, and is emphasizing different aspects.”                                                                                      Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Page 11 of above book:
Visitor:  So, does real freedom lie in being able to find out who you are?
M:  When you discover that Self which has no color, image, or design, you will no longer require freedom or be conditioned by freedom.  You will be beyond freedom.
Page 29:
V:  There is a statue of Nityananda in his ashram.  Muktananda says that Nityananda is still alive and that he communicates with him. What do you say about that?
M:  I also have many photographs of my Guru here.  Because my Guru ‘is’ I know “I Am.”  You presume that your Guru is a body-mind and that is the mistake.  I do not look upon my Guru like that.  He is merged into Consciousness and I see him as That.  So long as the body is there, Consciousness and memory are there.  Once the body has gone, the Consciousness is unaware of anything.  When the oil is there, the flame keeps burning by using the oil, but no oil is used after the flame is gone.  Whatever is burnt is burnt and whatever remains, remains.  When the child is born growth takes place.  The “I Am” is there throughout his or her life even if a person lives for 100 years, but the “I Am” disappears when the body is gone.  This is called death.
   I would like to know your opinion about what I have told you.  Should I tell you all this or should I keep quiet?  Somebody came this morning who kept quoting his Guru, so I sent him back to his Guru.  By listening to me seriously, people could loose all hope and ambition.  Because they want to take action in the world, hope should be there for them.  If they feel that they are not gaining anything here, they should go away.  Why should I talk to these people who want to live and achieve something?  Nityananda hardly ever talked at all, but his disciple Muktananda goes on talking and has created an empire.  Chinmayananda has done the same thing although now he says he wants to stop talking and go away to the Himalayas.  All my expounding will only lead people to inaction, so why should I talk?  Anyway, whatever you have heard here can never be erased and will have its effect.
 The moment the “I Amness” explodes or appears, all of space is lit up.  The entire sky is the expression of your Beingness.  Even though this whole world is an expression of your Beingness, you believe that you are only the body.  Your love for the body limits your horizons.  But the moment those walls come down, you are one with Brahman and the whole universe.

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