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Notes from Kings Cross, Friday, 1st May, 2020

 All of this play in the light of the consciousness is Maya or illusion, as it is stated in Advaita Vedanta which is the science of non duality.  Everything that appears disappears and so the manifestation of the universe is appearance only and has no substance or independent nature of its own apart from the consciousness or the knowing of it.  You know that you are and that is the only capital that you have at present.  Rotate this capital, dwell on it and how it came about and your returns will be limitless, you will gain access to the treasure house itself through this pearl of infinite value.  However, and this is the rub, you don’t know what you are and this basic ignorance is the cause of all of your psychological suffering, fear and uncertainty.
 You have come into being as this apparent person or entity and you love to be, and you would love this illusion to continue on indefinitely if possible, yet there is a knowing that whatever appears is an evanescent ripple in the still limitless ocean of pure Being-Awareness-Self, which is the sole Existence without a second.  This truth of Advaita or non duality is what needs to be known, seen and realized directly, not by any person, entity or thing, but by earnest and persistent self inquiry.
 Because of what am I?  How did I come to be without my knowledge or permission?  What is my true nature?  Who and what am I?  If everything has happened spontaneously without any creator or separate entity being responsible for it, then in actuality nothing has happened at all and reality or “what is” is unchanged; then surely I am reality or suchness, I am the truth, I am That.  You are not in a position to say this unless it has been realized for yourself, there are no second persons to consult in this inquiry, there is no second prize, not two, no duality in this actuality of non duality.  Do I need to consult anyone else to know that I am?  No, I don’t, so see what this implies.  

– This knowledge I am, if it is held to firmly without words and concepts and not moved away from into discursive thoughts and thinking, is the key to all this, the nectar of immortality, the Nectar of the Lord’s Feet if you like.  To remain in the I am, this conscious presence without words and concepts is the road to non duality, because the non dual is one with the trusting mind.  Mind is time, and reality, suchness, the Absolute is timeless and ever-present.  Be warm towards it, love this I amness, and so allow the mystery to reveal itself to you in a natural way.
 I didn’t know that I was, and then most unexpectedly this ‘I am’ news sprang up.  It expresses through the mind with the acquisition of the language at around the age of two or so years , as the thought or concept I am.  That concept ‘I am’ is not the reality only an indication of this nameless, formless Absolute principal that is self-existing, self-shining at the heart or core of being.
 “This people, who differentiate themselves, having attained existence, sunk in existence, praise in existence.”
“Behold this variegated world, full of pleasure-loving beings un-emancipated.”
 As in the great ocean there is but one taste, the taste of salt, so in what is being pointed to here, there is but one taste, the taste of deliverance.  Deliverance from what?  Deliverance from this universal illusion or Maya of appearing to be only a miserable limited creature, a limited time-bound human being instead of the infinite being that you truly are.
 Surely it must dawn on you sooner or later, particularly with the intensification of psychological suffering reaching some type of crises point, that unenlightened existence is inherently unsatisfactory.  That is to live without knowing your true nature, your original face before your parents were born, this inherent basic space of phenomena, is really to live in vain.  All we are saying and pointing to here is that this need not be so.
 “Whatever is, is an expression of consciousness only.  If consciousness is not there, the expression of consciousness is not there either.  Therefore nothing is.  And this consciousness is an uncalled for concept; it has appeared spontaneously.”
 This is the experience of nothingness, the no thing there at the core of being prior to consciousness.  Drop all of your acquired knowledge, thoughts and concepts for a moment, and going on present evidence only, notice what is the very first thing that you are seeing, the first and primal thing you are seeing right there at zero degrees.  Isn’t the very first thing that you are seeing there where you are just vast empty space?  There is no eyes or ears or head or neck or anything whatsoever there, just space with objects a little further out appearing in this space.  Glancing downwards, even your upside down headless body or torso is appearing in this space where you are at zero degrees from yourself so to speak.
 You are principally then the basic space.  You are not limited to your body or to any of the things or objects that are transient appearances in this space.  It is quite clear and obvious that things perish constantly, and if you are only one of those things then you are also a perisher, and not the indomitable, fearless, ever-victorious space of non conceptual knowing right there at zero degrees from where you actually are, and where you are truly seeing from.
 This of course implies looking at yourself afresh, and not looking through the dead eyes of the past, seeing what you actually see, and not what you are told to see by others.  Everything is appearing fresh and new from moment to moment, what was just expressed here in the previous sentence is dead and gone.  The word is not the thing, it is simply a pointer to “what is” infinitely and eternally.  There is no static point anywhere in the manifestation, there is no ground to stand on in this ongoing inquiry, this inquiry into Self.  There is no point in this body where I can say this is where I began.  If I didn’t begin anywhere then there is no place where I end, and on that account I am more subtle that space, unborn, unceasing.  Inquiry consists in retaining the mind in the Self.  Meditation consists in ‘thinking’ that one’s self is Brahman, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.  This inquiry is not about thought at all, this is undistracted non meditation , the spontaneous meditation of being referred to as the natural state.
 Take your stand where nothing is.  Have the courage to be as nothing.  This nothing is not a dead vacuum or a void, it is no thing to the time-bound mind, an emptiness suffused with awareness or cognizing.  Cognizing is knowing without words or concepts.  So this that is being pointed to is a cognizing-emptiness, and that is what is doing the cognizing or knowing, and not the person or entity So and So that you are presently and mistakenly taking yourself to be.  So don’t try to understand this with the mind, don’t try to grasp this with a word or concept or you will be bound to fail.  You have done that all of your life so far, trying to work this out in your mind, trying to grasp this that is being pointed to with a word or a concept and you have failed and had no success in understanding your true nature that way.
At some stage might it not occur to you that perhaps I have been looking in the wrong direction.  If that really does dawn on you then you ask yourself what other way is there that is not in the mind?  Any direction I look in will still be in the mind so what way is there that is not in the mind, what way is there out of the mind?  The only way out of the mind then is full stop, don’t look there even for a short interval and notice that you are still present and aware even without the thinking , reasoning and memory being engaged in.  That is the answer right there, begin with just short periods of pausing the thinking and then go on to extend the periods indefinitely in a natural relaxed way.
 “The birds of the air have nests and the foxes have holes, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.”  I heard about a mind that alights upon nothing or no thing.  No dwelling place in the mind on any object , place, or thing.  Non dwelling in the mind.  No-mind is the teaching of no teaching. “Just this is it.”  No-mind is suchness.
 The natural state is ‘as it is’ in nature, everything happening by itself.  It can be observed that there is no ego, no doer of any actions in nature.  The tides are coming in and going out, the seasons are flowing harmoniously, spring is not in conflict with summer, summer is not fighting autumn, sound is not in conflict with silence, yet we so called human beings are in conflict with each other, and why is this the case?  Nature has no ego but for us we have this fixed reference point, “me”, So and So, and because this “me” has not been seen through, seen to be false, everything that happens to us in the course of everyday life and events is referred back to this “me” of memory and so there is constant resistance, conflict and disease because this me, the person or persona(mask) is a dead image from the past, nothing but a mental concept, which can never keep pace, never keep up with the ever-new flow of life, the life force.
 This me has never been questioned or investigated and because it is limited it can never enjoy the bliss or innate happiness of pure being we call the natural state.  You have never really left this natural state when you take the trouble to look closely into this great matter of authentic identity, First person, present tense, singular……impersonal presence.  You are not separate or apart from nature in this clear seeing into what is.  The science and art of Self-realization is Self-liberation through seeing with naked awareness.  Awareness not limited to words or concepts is naked non conceptual awareness.  Non conceptual awareness is intelligence or knowing which functions this universe and everything else and has nothing to do with your intellect, which is acquired or learn ed knowledge.  Start from the fact the you already are that ordinary everyday awareness and that removes a lot of the unnecessary struggle, stress and striving from the equation.
If in fact you already are this non dual Absolute or supreme unchanging reality, which I am telling you from direct knowing here, that you are that truth whether you know it or not, then the search and the seeking itself is the main problem which distracts you from seeing what is being pointed out here.  You are the infinite being, then you imagine yourself to be a limited being, then you undertake various meditations, spiritual exercises, practices and prayers in order to overcome this imaginary limitation.  However the practices themselves imply the very limitation that you are trying to overcome.  Quite pointless really.
 “Learn to live without self-concern.  For this you must know your own true being as indomitable, fearless, ever-victorious.  Once you know with absolute certainty that nothing can trouble you but your own imagination, you come to disregard your desires and fears, concepts and ideas, and live by truth alone.”  Don’t be identified with a corpse and be happy!  If you want the happiness of the Self get rid of the body-mind sense, see through this false identification, this habit of labeling and limiting yourself to this body-mind appearance.  Can something come from nothing?  Something has turned into nothingness.  This consciousness that I am, that I exist, that concept itself has turned into nothingness.  So what is left?  Nothing is left.  The answer is one hundred percent correct.  Seeing in and seeing out simultaneously.  “Seeing into nothingness…….this is true seeing and eternal seeing.”  See THIS.
 I am nothing perceivable or conceivable.  What is perceivable or conceivable is not you, take this on board.  What remembers or forgets is not you, you are the changeless reality, the non dual Absolute, this ever-fresh presence awareness without which no appearance or phenomena could ever appear or be known.  You can’t remember or forget unborn awareness.  Are you unaware right now?  No, you are not unaware, so there is awareness.  Are you making any effort or choice to be aware?  No, you are not.  Choice less, effortless awareness is enlightenment, the so called great enlightenment you have been seeking elsewhere.
“Even the consciousness is not everything and it is not going to last for all time.  Find out how that consciousness has arisen, the source of the consciousness……What is this body?  The body is only an accumulation of food and water.  Therefore you are something separate from either the body or the consciousness.”  – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Jivatman is the one who identifies with the body-mind as an individual separate from the world.  The ultimate principal which knows the beingness cannot be named at all.  It cannot be approached or conditioned by any words.  That is the ultimate state.”  – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

THAT is what needs to be known………tat-tvam-asi……..Thou Art That.
A monk asked Zen master Haryo, “What is the way? Haryo answered, “An open eyed man falling into a well.”
 There being no static or fixed point anywhere in the manifestation, there is the realization that one is endlessly free-falling.  I certainly don’t find myself on the brink of a bottomless abyss, trying to make up my mind whether to let go and take that dreadful plunge.  I’m already clear of the brink and free-falling, and have never been otherwise.  To see this, all I have to do is look for myself, and fail to find myself, and find instead the treasure that has no name in the well at the world’s end.
 See if you are also in the same situation.

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