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Notes from Kings Cross, Monday, 1st November 2021.

We have all been given the knowledge I am, but how many of us have really investigated and looked unto this very fact of our own being?  Very few apparently, because we are looking away from this and seeking our happiness and joy outwardly in so called other people, situations and things and in the ever changing time-bound phenomena.  How can we ever get to the changeless, the real, the non dual essence through time?  It just can’t be done, so it is pointless to keep looking there, so instead wouldn’t it be wise to reverse your attention and look within for your happiness and freedom?
 “Can I find myself in a mirror?” asks Ramana Maharshi, and continues: “Because you look outwards you have lost sight of the Self and your vision is external…….Turn your gaze within.”  Nor is this difficult, he assures us: “It is absurd….the idea that to see other things is  easy but to look within is hard.  It must be the other way round.”  Happiness is inherent and not due to external causes.  One must realize one Self in order to open the store of unalloyed happiness.  Is someone else going to do this for you, some guru or external agency?
 You are the authority there at zero degrees from yourself as you are the only one there where you are; and looking deeply you will find that there is no one there at all; no imaginary person or entity whatsoever only pure consciousness, this naked, non conceptual knowledge or knowing I am.  This knowledge I am is the nectar of immortality, simple isn’t it, too simple for words and that is why we all miss it as we are caught up in words, concepts and acquired knowledge; in other words we are caught up in the mind which is time.  I am So and So, so many years old etc, etc.  Is that what you are?
 Prior to the age of two years as a very small child you had no words as the language or thinking process had not been introduced to you, yet you were functioning quite effortlessly and spontaneously without any words or language at all.  What does this tell you?  It tells you that the word or language is only a sound or vibration of energy.  The word water is not the actuality of water, so the word is not the thing itself, only a label or pointer to the actuality that is ever-existing, the ever-present unqualified immediacy – the what is, this limitless energy or Omnipotence.  Aren’t you that Omnipotence?  Can you be separate or apart from energy, this constant activity of knowing?  You are knowing right now.  Don’t look at me or some guru or authority, look at yourself for once.

Quote:  “If one obtains and relishes the nectar of the Lord’s feet, the charan – amrita, the mind can be conquered.  This means that the mind will no longer hold sway over us; its mastery imposed on us from childhood will no longer oppress us – – – – But how can such a state be attained?  Only if one totally accepts the knowledge “I am” as oneself with full conviction and faith and firmly holds to the dictum ‘I am that by which I know “I am.”  This knowledge “I am” is the ‘charan-amrita.’   Why is it called ‘amrita’ — the nectar?  Because …. by drinking nectar, one becomes immortal.  Thus, a true devotee, by abiding in the knowledge “I am” transcends the experience of death and attains immortality”.
“Consciousness does not shine by itself.  It shines by a light beyond it.  Having seen the dreamlike quality of consciousness, look for the light in which it appears, which gives it being.  There is the content of consciousness as well as the awareness of it”.
‘To expound and propagate concepts is simple.  But to drop all concepts is difficult and rare”.  – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There you have it, going into the mind and trying to work all this out is pointless.  Drop all your concepts and simply be — I am, not the concept I am but the actual, factual knowing that you already are, and that you cannot negate.  Start there and don’t move away into conceptual thinking, just hold to this naked, non conceptual knowing I am, and be and be and be That only which you are anyway.  That is your beingness.  You are infinite being without becoming anything at all. Becoming is not being it is time, and the mind is time and you will not find any answer there.  If you listen to the mind it will divide things up, take you down a path and keep you going forever like on a merry go round or like an animal on a treadmill.
 If you will catch hold of, understand that simplicity is the way to understanding the ultimate, it will expedite your getting there tremendously.  It is so simple when you discover it, only then do you know it’s the simplest of all simple – thyself, thy inner beingness, thy isness, amness, knowing which you will know everything.  Keep it simple to get to the simplest of all simples — your very own Self.  The way to that place is so simple, all you need to do is quiet the mind, it’s your mind, you made it noisy, you can quiet it, you only have to do it for a moment, get that mind totally quiet, pause a thought, and that’s it!
Mind quiet, that’s it!  When your mind is naturally quiet you’re self-obvious to yourself, and you are in touch with all the power of the universe as within you, you are in touch with all the knowledge of the universe which is within you, it comes from your beingness which you will not quiet your mind for one moment to see.  If you would quiet your mind for one moment you would see this, and thereafter pursue only it.  You’re dragging it out in over-complications and running hither and thither to everywhere it isn’t, and where is it?  Right where you are.  The reason we are not getting free, we’re not reaching the ultimate is that we’re not quieting the mind.
Mind is a good servant but a terrible master, so make it your servant, not your master as is presently the case, and you can do it, no one else can do it for you.  All the power of the universe is in the I of you when you say I am.  Releasing your non love feelings, your basic human experience is Christ like, that’s the nature of every one of us and it’s covered over by the veils of non love feelings, everything but love is a non love feeling , so you must let go of all these non love feelings and what is left over is pure love and you don’t need a PHD to understand it.  Actually the thuds that become duds simply because they are trying to get it via the head and the mind is the obstacle, it’s the mind that holds all the limitations and in your beingness you are unlimited.
 I say are you? and you say yes, and I say that’s it, why all this trouble being an extremely limited carcass?  ‘I am a man’ is not natural.  You are neither this nor that.  The natural state is ever present, you are and you know that you are, abide as That, as in the Maha Vakya or great word of Advaita Vedanta – I am That.  What is the use of knowing about everything else when you do not know who you are ……. Self inquiry is the one infallible means, the only direct one, to realize the unconditioned, absolute Being that you really are.
 This ever-present unqualified immediacy is what needs to be noticed or acknowledged.  It doesn’t take time when you allow it to function and to live you effortlessly and spontaneously as it has been doing all along.  Immediacy is immediate – I am, not I was or I will be.  This immediacy is dynamic, nameless and formless pure energy of life and light of consciousness which is being ignored  because of the wrong identification with the so called ego claiming I am the doer, I am the body-mind entity, when in fact this ego entity when it is investigated is seen to be a total fiction without any substance or independent nature of it’s own apart from the very awareness it is appearing in.
 Let go of the importance of work, the only purpose of being in this world is to discover our freedom.  Don’t do half way jobs no matter what it is.  You’re free right now in your beingness and you’re bound in your ego sense.  Ramana Maharshi – work in no hindrance to realization, doing things does not block you from realization.  It is the sense of wrong identification that is the cause of your problem and what is the false identification?  being the doer.  Release when high, go high to release, stop holding it down, release it, let the repressed thoughts arise and go free.
 When you identify with your beingness the mind matters not.  You must get your attention off the mind and thoughts and return home to identify with your beingness.  Your point of focus shifts from body-mind just to beingness only.  You don’t think am I going to get approval or control.  Whatever someone says to us it can’t hurt us because we are infinite beingness.  Summed up you’ll have no attachments or aversions, you’ll have everything, the universe will be yours.  Why?  it’s your universe you created it in the first place. 

1.  Imperturbability 

2. Desirelessness, using less and less effort you’ll know every impossible becomes immediately possible when you are released on it, and you know you are completely released when you just do not give a hoot. 

3.  Effortlessness 

4.  Actionlessness – not being the doer, work through that. 

5.  Witnessing.
 Can you see how simple it is, it’s really simple if you do it.  Which means releasing the fear of dying, getting everything you want via releasing.  It’s just letting go and letting god.  It’s a let go and let god experience and it drops into your experience, right into your lap with no effort.  Instead of releasing you go into the intellect and ask these why and wherefore questions and they get you nowhere fast.  The whys and wherefores of things never give you any answers they just satisfy the intellect which is a thing you want to get rid of.  So release, release only and don’t ask whys.  Why this, why that?  It’s a dumb question in the first place and if you ask why you want them to explain so it fits into your knowledge which is only learned stuff that is right down in elementary school.  So try to get out of the habit of throwing up whys, just do it.  It’s just a way of avoiding it so get wise, kill the whys.

An extract from the now spiritual classic book “I am That” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, 1981 edition.  Chapter 41. Develop the Witness Attitude, page 186:

Q:  Nature is mindless, hence incomprehensible.  But man has a mind.  Why is it so perverse?

M:  The causes of perversity are also natural —– heredity, environment and so on.  You are too quick to condemn.  Do not worry about others.  Deal with your own mind first.  When you realize that your mind too is a part of nature, the duality will cease.

Q:  If nature is in the mind and the mind is my own, I should be able to control nature, which is not really the case.  Forces beyond my control determine my behavior.

M:  Develop the witness attitude and you will find in your own experience that detachment brings control.  The state of witnessing is full of power, there is nothing passive about it”.      – End of quote.

There is no growing into the natural being that you are, that being is perfect here and now.  There is only letting go of concepts to the contrary – that we have troubles, we have limitations.  Anyone who says I have troubles is just in their mind, that’s the only place where it is because you can’t see anything anywhere else but in your mind.  Whatever you look at, whatever you hear, whatever you sense is through your mind that’s where everything is, change your mind and everything out there changes.  Change your – thinking and you change the world for you.  So the way is simple.
 The desire to let it go must be stronger than the bad habits.  This desire must be stronger than the desire to make this world real, rather than it’s a fiction of our imagination, it really is a fiction when you see the truth, it turns out to be a dream that never was, exactly as in a night dream.
 How do you demonstrate wisdom, spirituality, and understanding?  Keep your mind on it only and say I am that I am, and hold it, and just be what you are.  But if you’re smart you’ll first seek the kingdom of God and then all the other things we talk about will fall in.  Demonstrating wisdom first is demonstrating the formula to everything, so as long as you’re demonstrating, demonstrate that which will give you everything.  You do it the same way you hold the consciousness of it.

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One Response to Notes from Kings Cross, Monday, 1st November 2021.

  1. Matt says:

    I Am is the primary illusion. As Nisargadatta says, meditate on I Am until the illusion of I Am dissolves into Parabrahman (the absolute Nothingness). What you don’t want happening is that the illusion of I Am to continue after the death of the body. As Shakespeare said: What dreams may come?! The opportunity that we have in this body (due to a kind of Mobius Loop in the structure of the human brain ie humans are the creatures who can think about thinking or turn consciousness upon itself) is to die while alive. Not to hang onto the I Am as a way deny death. People really are not afraid of NOT existing after death (it makes no logical sense) people are afraid of EXISTING after death – and so they should be. The opportunity that the human body gives us is to see through the I Am and cease to (apparently) exist while still (apparently) a human body. Liberation is freedom from the I Am/Existence. As Ramana pointed to it: the bliss of deep sleep (nonexistence) while (apparently) awake.