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Notes from Kings Cross, Tuesday, 1st February, 2022.

 “You have squeezed yourself into the span of a lifetime and the volume of a body, and thus created the innumerable problems of life and death.  Have your being outside the body of birth and death, and all your problems will be solved.  They exist because you believe yourself born to die.  Undeceive yourself and be free.  You are not a person.`
 See for yourself through investigation and enquiry that the person, So and So you are presently taking yourself to be is not the real or the absolute.  The first step, ask yourself, am I aware?  Well obviously, yes, I am aware.  Second step, notice the awareness.  Third step, remain as the awareness.
 Nisargadatta’s teaching, my teaching, and the teaching of every master or sage who ever lived is – You are the pure awareness, the supreme principle beyond mind and body.  Abide as That.  Cease to identify as the apparent time-bound entity that you appear to be by simply being the infinite being you already and truly ever are – awareness or beingness.  Your beingness – ‘I’ is indomitable.  This is the I of you when you say I am.  There is only one I and it is godly and infinite.  I is your real name, it is everyone’s real name before you add I am to it.  I is the non dual truth or reality.  There is only one I and you are That when you say I, or even if you don’t say anything.
 There is only one I not two, never two, no duality ever exists.  As long as there is another there must be fear.  The Lord your God is one God, nothing other exists or ever existed.  Nothing Real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.  This godliness is your natural state, your true nature.  “Thou Art That.”  maha-vakya — literally “great statement”; a saying from the Upanishads expressing the truth of Brahman, the Supreme Reality.  Be not the doer.  Action is insentient, nothing ever happened to the I that I am.  You are not the doer, you are the witness pure and simple.  Everything happens spontaneously in the dream of manifestation but nothing ever happens to the I that I am.
 No one ever lived or died as the very life or livingness spontaneously and timelessly expressing does not know death.  Whatever arises passes away, but the screen that all arises on; unborn awareness-consciousness is untouched and unaffected.  Are you aware right now?  of course.  Awareness is unborn unceasing, the fundamental changeless principal or background of all that seemingly appears.  Appearance or Maya is real if it is seen as awareness but unreal if it is seen as something separate or apart from this naked non conceptual awareness.
 All this time, and I should not be even using that word because time is illusory and only a mental concept; I’ve simply been duped by illusion if I am taking any apparent thing or object to have any substance, independent nature or existence of its own apart from this naked, unborn, unoriginated, non conceptual awareness that I always and ever am.  I am infinite being indicated by the Sanskrit term Sat – pure being free of any becoming which is time.  Reality or non duality indicated as Sat-Chit-Ananda;  three aspects of the one non dual essence, all pervasive as ether, infinite as the sky, all alert with awareness, spontaneously abiding as the perfect Brahman Self in a state of still, unbroken, peaceful bliss, and which is the state of the Videha Mukta, the matured adept free from the least trace of thought, totally oblivious of limited form, in a state of Maha-Mounam ( stillness of body, speech and mind).
 Silence and stillness is the true nature of awareness which is ever present, silent and changeless and all that needs to happen is to notice that you are That awareness.  Awareness is empty of any content, self-shining, self existent, no creator, no creation, no creature, only That One without a second.  What could be simpler than That non dual absolute?  If there is only That as sages are pointing out can anyone not be That?  Investigate, see the fact of this for yourself and be utterly free from any and all psychological suffering.
 “All living beings desire to be happy always, without any misery.  In everyone there is observed supreme love for oneself.  And happiness alone is the cause of love.  In order therefore, to gain that happiness which is one’s nature and which is experienced in the state of deep sleep, where there is no mind, one should know oneself.  To achieve this, the Path of Knowledge, the inquiry in the form of “Who am I?” is the principal means.”
 Therefore the ultimate goal of every Being is total and complete happiness with no taint of sorrow whatsoever.  We are all striving for this in our every act, but somehow missing the goal.  Let us then investigate why we are missing the goal of perfect Self-knowledge.
 Suffering can only happen to a “me”, an ego who wrongly assumes a separation or reference point independent from this awareness.  This so-called person, me, So and So, when investigated and looked into can be seen to be a total fiction, the child of a barren woman as it is said in Advaita.  If this person or persona is seen to be false then there is no need to try to change it, operate on it, or eliminate it by various means.  Trying to act on a non-existent person or entity, a phantom, an assumed identity will not free you from this Maya or illusion and will only keep it in place by giving unnecessary importance to it.  See that it is false and it falls away by itself. having no energy to sustain its existence it spontaneously resolves itself into the emptiness-awareness that it has arisen from.
 If there is no me, there is no problem.  Problems only ever happened to a me and when this me is seen through and seen to be false where does that leave you?  Aren’t you still present and aware as you ever have been?  This is what needs to be re-cognized  over and over again so to speak until you spontaneously remain as this awareness.  Am I aware?  Yes I am aware.  Notice the awareness.  Remain as the awareness.  What is bliss but your own being?  You are not apart from being which is the same as bliss.  Be the Self and that is bliss.  When one’s true nature is known there is being without beginning and end.  It is unbroken awareness-bliss.  Being what one already is is effortless, since being is always present and always experienced. 

 The Self is the only eternal being.  That is eternal bliss.  That is wisdom.  Know that you are really the infinite pure being, the Self absolute.  You are always the Self and nothing but the Self.  You are the infinite being scratching around trying to make a living toiling and striving every other day; it is quite ridiculous, superfluous and unnecessary that an infinite being needs to scratch around like this for a living.  You are unlimited pure being yet we carry on our practical life based on what we have read and heard.  Forgetting our true nature, we act like a king who behaves like a beggar in his dream.
 Let go of the importance of work, the only purpose of being in this world is to discover our freedom.  There is nowhere to go as you’re everywhere as your beingness.  If you are the all how can you have an attachment or an aversion.  You just feel that the universe is mine and you let go of attachment and aversion and you simply be and be and be.  tat tvam asi – Thou Art That.  Be not the doer and allow everything to unfold spontaneously.  When you are not the doer there is zero effort and it happens harmoniously and immediately.  This ever-present unqualified immediacy is the perfection one is seemingly seeking.  To him who is one with this immediacy there is neither the mind nor the three states and therefore, neither introversion or extroversion. 

 Perfection alone is.  Perfection is the supreme.  Nirvana is perfection.  Everything already is That perfection and this is what needs to be seen by no one.  All that you see depends on the seer.  Apart from the seer there is no seen.  In the final analysis there is no seeing, only being.  The state of Self-realization as we call it is not attaining something new or reaching some goal that is far away, but simply being that which you always are and which you always have been.  Then we shall realize the Self as the Self, in other words, “Be the Self”.  That state transcends the seer and the seen.  There is no seer there to see anything.  The seer who is seeing all this ceases to exist and the Self alone remains.  If one knows that without the seer there is nothing to see, just as there are no pictures without the screen, one is not deluded.  The Jnani knows that the screen and the picture are only the Self.  The seer alone is real and eternal.  See THIS.
 News about You, read by You is good news, however bad it may seem to the hearer who is deaf to its Source and Destiny in himself as spirit.  To him Ramana says:  “The imperfections appear to you.  God is perfection.  His work also is perfection.  But you see it as imperfection because of your wrong identification_ _ _ _ find out if you are physical.”  So called common sense – the way things ‘appear’ is the nonsense that plague our species.  Listen to the God-seers who are His spokespeople, such as Ramana Maharshi:
 *  Man considers himself limited and there arises the trouble.  The idea is wrong.  He can see it for himself. *  “I am the body” is the cause of all the mischief.  This delusion must go.  That is realization. *  Grief exists only so long as one considers oneself to be of definite form. *  Identification of the Self with the body is the real bondage. *  Find out if you are physical. *  The person soaked in the “I am the body” idea is the greatest sinner and he is a suicide.
 None of this is for believing.  All is for testing.  Look for yourself!  When should this be done?  Why not now?  In this presence is the fullness of life, the everlasting life, the Christ life and surely every one of us is Christ-like in the natural state. Let’s take the time to look again and continue to look until we see that we are already That absolute that we are seeking.  No one else can look for us, isn’t there seeing what is happening there now?  Re-cognize this fact and be eternally free.  Happiness is free, this happiness of your true nature that you cannot negate and that you cannot grasp with any concept, this being so simple, relax as That, be that infinite being that you truly are.
 There is nothing simpler that being, this infinite being that you are is not becoming anything at all, it is whole, complete and perfect just as it is, so leave it ‘as it is’ and don’t try to do anything with it, operate on it, change, alter or modify it in any way whatsoever.  All such doings and improvements are undertaken by the mind to perpetuate itself, and the mind as such does not exist when you look for it, investigate it, try to pinpoint it and find its actual location.  This then is the straight and direct path of inquiry when the mind on investigation is found to have no existence and only the Self is, self-shining in the heart, the very core of being.
 When the mind is looked for it is seen that there is really no such thing as mind apart from awareness.  The mind resolves itself into awareness in the heart and ceases to be anything substantial or have any independent nature of its own apart from the awareness that you truly and ever are.  See that you are not unaware at any time and that you are always and ever aware.  This is realization already realized.  Thou art That.
 When a man forgets that he is the absolute, who is real, permanent and omnipresent, and deludes himself into thinking that he is a body in the universe, which is filled with bodies that are transitory, and labors under that delusion, you have to tell him that the world is unreal and a delusion.  Why?  Because his vision which has forgotten its own Self is dwelling in the external, material universe.  It will not turn inwards into introspection unless you impress on him that all this external, material universe is unreal, Maya.  When once he realizes his own Self he will know that there is nothing other than his own Self and he will come to look upon the whole universe as the absolute.  There is no universe without the Self.
 The evil forgetfulness of the Self which causes one to slip down from silence alone is non-devotion.  Ignorance is forgetfulness of the Self.  If you know the Self there will be no darkness, no ignorance and no misery.  The real ‘I’ in which the activity of thinking and forgetfulness has perished, alone is pure liberation.  This is the I of you that is ever-present, indomitable, fearless, ever-victorious, the formless I that is standing ever before you and that allows you to say I am.  “I am That I am” sums up the whole of the teaching as such, the suchness of every apparent thing is in the I of you, see, that I am That, the non dual absolute.

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